Home Energy Audits give energy saving tips to homeowners

Give your home energy an audit and save on your energy cost.

Or have your money back.

Home Energy AuditProblems with your walls, loose windows and doors, as well as poor insulation and lack of insulation, leak energy out of your house and cost you money. So, how do you stop them? You start with a home energy audit. Home Energy Audits give energy saving tips for homeowners

Carrying out energy efficiency improvements on your home can save between 5% and 30% on your energy bill. But before you can make improvements, you need to know how much energy you use, and where the energy leaks the most. For that, you need a Home Energy Audit. The goal of Energy Audit is to make your house more comfortable and safe, save energy, and consequently save money, by recommending energy efficiency measures.

There are two ways to assess your home energy efficiency:

  • Do the audit yourself
  • Book an independent domestic energy assessor to conduct a Home Energy Audit

DIY Audit

If you decide to carry out a DIY audit, there are online questionnaires and an energy calculator that you can use to help you. You also need to understand your energy bills, and you need access to some tools to help you with the audit. For instance, you need a power meter that measures the electricity consumption of your electrical appliances.

Independent Domestic Energy Assessor

If you are serious about saving cost on your energy bills, there's no substitute for getting an expert to assess your property and give you detailed energy saving recommendations as well as information on funding and incentives available to you.

Using a certified energy assessor is hassle-free and value for money. A professional home energy audit will show you the energy leaks in your home, the cost to you, as well as the steps, including upgrades you can take to stop those pesky leaks.

If you want to save on your energy bills, book Home Energy Audit NOW

We are confident that our recommendation will save you money. If you don’t make any savings within 12 months after carrying out our recommendations, you get your fee back.

Home Energy Audits give energy saving tips to homeowners


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