Green deal surveys

Are you applying for the Green Deal Survey?

Your first step towards Green Deal is a Green Deal survey, which can only be done by a certified Green Deal Advisor. You can get a Green Deal Assessment either by contacting an independent advisor or contacting a Green Deal provider that will assign one to you.

EPC or Green Deal Survey from Energicert

What is Green Deal?

The Green Deal scheme was created by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to raise the energy efficiency standards of properties in Britain. The intention is to encourage you, as property owner, to carry out energy saving improvements to your property by giving you access to Green Deal finance schemes. You then make repayments through your energy bills (expecting that the savings you make as a result of the improvements will exceed the cost of your repayments.) The scheme can potentially eliminate or reduce the upfront installation costs of your energy saving measures.  This all starts with a Green Deal Survey from your local Green Deal surveyor.

It is important to note that the repayments are not attached to you, but to the property. So, if you sell or rent your property, the new owner or tenant must take them on when they acquire the property or tenancy. Once you move out of the property, you stop paying the repayments.

There are about 45 various energy-saving measures that qualify for Green Deal financing. They generally fall into five categories:

  • Draught-proofing
  • Insulation – (e.g. loft insulation, cavity wall insulation)
  • Heating systems
  • Renewable energy – (e.g. solar panels, ground source heat pumps, wind turbines)
  • Double glazing

The Four Stages of the Green Deal Process:

Assessment - This is conducted by an authorised Green Deal Advisor. The advisor will visit your property, and conduct a survey.

When you book with Energicert, our survey includes inspecting the interior and exterior part of the property for anything that makes your heating inefficient. We will also be asking questions about your family habits that affect your home energy consumption, including any energy-measures you have already installed.

After our visit, we produce your Green Deal Advice Report. In the report, we identify the energy efficiency measures you can take and those that are most cost-effective. As an independent advisor, we don’t sell any products, but we are happy to provide you a list of potential Green Deal Providers if you ask for recommendation.

Your Green Deal Advice Report has two parts:

  1. Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  2. Occupancy Assessment (OA)

The EPC outlines your property’s energy rating and the recommended improvements. The OA on the other hand, adjusts the result of the EPC to reflect your household’s energy use.

Finance – Once you receive your advice report, you can take it to one or more Green Deal Providers; we can help you find a suitable provider.

Green Deal Providers are responsible for:

  • Arranging the Green Deal Plans,
  • Providing finance
  • Organising the installation of the energy efficiency improvements you’ve agreed, through an authorised Green Deal Installer
  • Providing customer service related to Green Deal Plans, including dealing with customer complaints and supplying information when a new bill payer takes over a property with a Green Deal

Your Green Deal Plan outlines the financial terms of the agreement and includes consumer protections, such as warranties covering the energy efficiency improvements and installation. Only an accredited provider can offer you a Green Deal Plan.  When the Green Deal Survey is being carried out, the Green Deal surveyor can give you further information.

It is advisable to request quotes from a number of providers to get the best offer. You are also not required to take all, or any, of their recommendations.

Installation - Your Green Deal Provider will organise the installation of the green deal measures you’ve agreed to take. However, if you want to personally choose an installer, make sure to choose a certified Green Deal Installer. They are the only authorised people to carry out the work. You can identify Authorised Installers by the Green Deal Quality Mark.

Repayment – You repay the cost of the improvements over time through your energy bill. Your energy supplier will send the payments to the Green Deal Provider. The amount of your repayment should not exceed the saving you make on your energy bills.

As mentioned already, the repayments belong to the property. So, once you move out of it, the new occupant will continue the repayments.

Like any finance scheme, there is interest charged on the repayment, but the interest rate is fixed, and this should be made clear to you before you sign the Green Deal Plan agreement. Interest rate is decided by the Green Deal Provider, so it is worth shopping around for the best deal.


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