RHI Renewable Heat Incentive

heat pump attract RHI PaymentsWhat is the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)?

RHI is the payment you receive for generating and using heat from renewable sources, very much like the Feed-In Tariff (FIT). As with FIT, RHI is set by Government, and is run by Ofgem (Office of Gas and Electricity Markets). However, unlike FIT, which is paid by energy suppliers, RHI is paid by Ofgem with money from the Treasury.

The RHI scheme has two parts: Domestic RHI and Non-Domestic RHI.

Non-domestic RHI was launched in November 2011 and Domestic RHI followed in April 2014.

How Can I benefit from RHI

The Renewable Heat Incentive was created to encourage energy consumers to use renewable sources to heat their home or business building. Apart from receiving payments for heat energy you generate, you also save money on your heating bills.

Who can apply for RHI

If you belong to any of the following, you are eligible to apply for domestic RHI:

  • Homeowner
  • Social landlord
  • Private landlord
  • Self-builder – (someone who built or commissioned a builder to build their house for their own use)
  • Legacy – (If you installed your renewable heating system between 2009 and 2014, and have not received any government support).

A block of flats or a house with a self-contained outbuilding is not eligible for Domestic RHI. If you own any of these, you may be eligible to apply for the Non-Domestic RHI scheme. If you are paying business rate for your property, you are also eligible for Non-Domestic RHI scheme.

How much is RHI worth to you?

The amount of RHI payment you receive depends according to the size of your property and the type of heat source you use. With the current RHI tariff, you can receive up to up to 8.5p/kWhr for the hot water and heat you generate and use yourself.

To get an idea of the possible payments you’ll get through RHI, see below the RHI scheme table published by the government. If you want a detailed advice on how much you can save, speak to your Green Deal Assessor.

Domestic RHI Tariff Table


Tariff (pence/kWh)

Air-source Heat Pumps 7.3/kWh
Biomass-only boilers and biomass pellet stoves with integrated boilers 18.8p/kWh
Solar Thermal panels (flat plate and evacuated tubes for hot water only) 19.2/kWh



Non- Domestic RHI Tariff Table

Tariff Name Eligible Technology Eligible sizes Tariff Rate (pence/kWh) Tariff duration(Years) Support Calculation
Small commercial biomass Solid biomass
including those contained in
Municipal Solid
Waste and CHP
Less than 200 kWh Tier 1: 7.9 20 Metering.Tier 1 applies annuallyup to the Tier Break,Tier 2 above the TierBreak.Tier Break -installed capacity x1,314 peak load hours,e.g.: kWh x 1,314
Tier 2: 2.0
Medium commercial biomass 200 kWh& above;less than1000 kWh Tier 1: 4.9
Tier 2: 2.0
Large commercial biomass 1000 kWh & above 1.0 Metering
Small commercial heat pumps Ground-source heat pumps; Water-source heat pumps; deep geothermal Less than 100 kWh 4.5 20 Metering
100 kW & above 3.2
Large commercial heat pumps
Solar collectors Solar collectors Less than 200 kWh 8.5 20 Metering
Biomethane & biogas combustion Biomethane injection and biogas combustion Biomahane: all scales,Biogas combustion: less than 200 kWh 6.5 20 Metering

Will RHI help me recover the installation cost of renewable energy source?

In general, yes. We estimate that you will get your money back within seven to nine years, through repayments and savings you make on your heating bills.

How can I apply for RHI?

Before you can apply for RHI, you need to have a Green Deal Assessment.

Energicert conducts Green Deal Assessment around Harrogate and surrounding areas. If you need a Green Deal Assessment or further information about RHI, give us a call.

Find out more from OFGEM here


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